nyingpo-singaporeEric Brinkman is business and life coach,  and author of Easy Logic; Tibetan Wisdom for Happiness and Success. (Available for sale on Amazon; you can read comments and reviews here).

A magna cum laude graduate of The Ohio State University where he graduated in honors with distinction by writing an undergraduate thesis on Shakespeare, he has also worked for McMillian Publishing (the world’s largest computer book publisher) and as an Advisor/Consultant for the Computer Science Department at Cornell University. He is a founder of the Diamond Cutter Institute, a business and coaching company based on reaching business success through applying Buddhist ethical principles. He has his professional coaching experience through Ben Ghalmi, who is a professional coach of 20 years experience; you can read his blog at YogiCEO.

Eric resigned from his job at Cornell in 2001 and traveled to India to study Buddhism at Drepung Loseling, a traditional Tibetan Buddhist monastery reestablished in South India. As a speaker, trainer, and coach Eric has traveled extensively—over the course of the last five years he has given lectures, taught yoga, and run coaching sessions all over North America; as well as overseas in Asia (China, Vietnam, Japan, and Mongolia), Europe (Spain, Germany, Norway, and Russia), and South American (Colombia, Peru, and Argentina). Has he also been the Director of the Tibetan Dictionary Hypertexting Project, an effort to create an online language tool for Tibetan translation; a yoga teacher (as a staff instructor with the Yoga Studies Institute); and videographer. He teaches, practices, and enjoys training in traditional martial arts (Shuai Chiao, Tai Chi, and Systema) and plays the Irish whistle and flute. Along with coaching and writing, Eric is currently working on a translation of Chone Lama Drakpa Shedrup’s logic text and is finishing a Masters degree in Shakespeare and Theatre.

For more information visit his website at easytibetanlogic.com and ericmichaelbrinkman.com; or contact him directly at info at easytibetanlogic dot com.