I’m offering life and business coaching services, based on my training in coaching and teaching for the past twelve years. I’m offering three levels of service:

Written Questions: If you want to write me a question, I will answer public questions for free on my blogs, in order as a I receive them. If you would like a private written response, then contact me at

20-30 minute session: For these short sessions, I’m available via phone, Skype, or Facetime to answer one specific question. The point is to get quickly and logically to the root of the issue and discuss possible solutions. We will stay on task and reach actionable solutions.

60 minute session: More for training purposes (as opposed to coaching) these sessions are more for teaching core components or as fact-finding sessions to discover what needs to be addressed, although they can also be uses to coach deeper or more complex issues.

I’m also offering three different styles of coaching: more traditional coaching (I’m a coachee myself) based off of coaching methods I have learned from professional, working coaches; coaching based off of concepts discussed in the books that I learned as a core staff teacher for the Diamond Cutter Institute; and/or coaching based off of my book on logic.

For more information, please contact me via email at or via Facebook.