Four Fours

If you’re going to use mental seeds to try to make things happen in your world, then there’s four sets of four laws that you have to know. We call them the four steps, the four laws of seeds, the four results, and the four powers. I explain why they are logical in my book, but for easy reference, here they are here:

1. Seeds are definite: what you do to others is what you get back
2. Seeds increase: the result can be much larger than the cause
3. Not done, not experienced: if you don’t plant the mental seed you can’t experience the result
4. Done, must experience: if you do plant the seed, you have to experience the result

There’s a lot more about this in my book (pages 116-125), but if you have any questions you can post them below.

Another set of four we should know if the four results of any mental seed:

1. Similar: what you do to others will come back to you
2. Habit: anything you do once, you plant the mental seed to do again
3. Environment: your world is the result of the seeds you have planted
4. Projecting: your world in the future will resemble the seeds you are planting now

Then there’s the four powers (how to remove a bad seed from your mind):

1. Foundations: think about what you know about how seeds work
2. Regret: not guilt; think about the result you will get from the seed you planted
3. Restraint: promise not to do that thing about for a certain period of time
4. Make-up activity: do something to plant a good seed

And finally we have the four steps (how to plant a powerful seed):

1. Foundation: who you plant the seed with/towards
2. Motivation: what are you thinking as you plant that seed
3. Do it: how you do it, and for how long
4. Rejoice: feel happy that you did something good for someone else

Again, more on this in the book… or comment here.